Carpet elements

 One is the environmental protection, energy saving.Especially chemical fiber carpet, the carpet is manufactured oil extract, reusable, and not like the floor to deforestation.
The second is security.Both for the elderly and children, carpet is the most safe the material laying the ground of soft.
Third, the acoustic absorption.Compared with other ground material, carpet has stronger and excellent sound absorption effect.
Fourth, colour, design diversity.Colorful carpet can make the room bright;Tonal composed of carpet, make indoor appear quiet, quietly elegant is tasteful.
Five is a dust-proof effect.If the shop floor, one week is not clean, there will be dust.And the carpet surface of carpet for the dense pile structure, can stick to the dust in the air, when you open air conditioning, electric fan, a float in air cycle again.
Six is good insulation resistance.Winter, carpet cut off ground filters through the cool;Summer air conditioning, the heat preservation of carpet and barrier function, can let a room in the low temperature is not easy to through facing losses.
Seven is the intimacy when walking.Carpet with family members not only has security function, the protection of the feet is also very strong.
Eight is renovated easily.Just put the original carpet down, and then spread on the new carpet.